Is ArtSlooth Free?

Yes, ArtSlooth is a completely free service for both art collectors and artists. We are a non-profit organization that is supported by donations made by people like you.

To help support ArtSlooth visit and donate today.

Why do I have to register my email address?

ArtSlooth requires an email address in order to send confirmation for accepted bids to both the buyer and the artist.

How many times can I bid?

You can make as many bids as the "wait interval" permits. The wait interval for each item is set by the artist. For example, if the wait interval is 0, you can continuously make bids without waiting. If the wait interval is 15 minutes, you have to wait 15 minutes until you can make another bid on that item.

If your offer is accepted, you no longer can bid on that item. See below for more details.

What if my bid / offer is accepted?

Congratulations! A confirmation email will be sent to you with the accepted price and confirmation number. The artist will also be notified.

If at a live exhibit where the artist or curator is available, present your email and confirmation number to them. Artist / Curator will process payment with cash or other electronic 3rd party (Credit / Debit, Square, etc).

If you're at a coffee shop or other non-live exhibit, the artist will contact you via email and provide payment instructions.

Bid & Offer Guide

What do the "coin" icons mean in the top right corner?

The "coins" represent 3 levels / indicators that can help give a price range for the art listed. See levels below.

There is at least one item with a reserve under $500.

All items are $500 or more.

All items are $2000 or more.

Got it :) Close.

Thanks for trying ArtSlooth!

To help you get started, here's a quick summary of how it works.


Search for an artist


Place a bid / make an offer on listed items.


If your bid is accepted, an email confirmation will be sent confirming price and next steps.


If you have further questions, the F.A.Q page has more information there.

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